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So I just bought some new clothes for me. and new shoes. and I found the cutest shoes for my yo-sd. THEY COST MORE THAN THE SHOES I BOUGHT MYSELF. *sobs*

and more Pip. Yes yes Spammy but it’s her month for pics.

Pippa and her tattoo. It’s still got a very little bit of work to be finished.

better late than never I forgot this earlier. Happy BJD Day and sorry for the repeat

better late than never I forgot this earlier. Happy BJD Day and sorry for the repeat

Pippa is a Leeke Edgar head on Loongsoul body

super secret tumblr only shot ;P

super secret tumblr only shot ;P

the grail and THE GRAIL

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My grail doll isn’t a doll it’s finding the right doll for a certain character. She’s been through so many sculpts and sculpt ideas but nothing is ever quite her. I’m about to take the plunge again, looking at the Maskcat Dolls Ruolan. I’m not sure about the body though… it’s too cute and not really as elegant as I’d like for her.

;.; I’ll probably change my mind and keep looking after a little bit.

In other news I’m still dreaming about a saint bloom Betty and a little sister for her a Resinsoul April.

July is Pippa’s month so I’ll be taking some new pictures of her. I have couple of photosets in mind.

So umm… I just found a picture of one of my dolls on someones eating disorder blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it - there seems like a major disconnected between the content of the blog and the picture…

Still want to go out and take some more pictures with her soon, only got about five minutes before it started raining.
Shea is an Iplehouse Freezia on a Mirodoll body

Still want to go out and take some more pictures with her soon, only got about five minutes before it started raining.

Shea is an Iplehouse Freezia on a Mirodoll body

Mirodoll 60 cm Female body Review

I’m going to start off the this review by saying you get what you pay for, and that is not a complaint. On the 16th I got got my Mirodoll 60cm girl body for my Iplehouse Freesia head (WS if anyone is interested). I place my order on the 4th during their 40 percent off sale and paid $84. A 12 day time frame is really impressive when you are used to waiting 3 to 6 months for a doll.

On the website the body looks really really stiff but in person it’s definitely more organic. She stood straight out of the box with no real issues.

It’s surprisingly hard to find a BJD with a smaller bust that isn’t more or less flat so I really like the look of her chest - I might sand them a little to create a more realistic curve but she doesn’t have torpedo tits or particularly gravity defying breasts. One nipple is more defined than the other.

Coming to one of the problems with this order. I ordered high heeled feel along with her and they are lovely - just both left feet. I’ve contacted Mirodoll and been told I was getting a second set of feet but have had no further contact since mid April.

There is a locking joint in the shoulder- just one but it’s effective.

Double jointed elbows, serviceable but honestly not pretty and a good example of one of the major problems with this body. As your can see the arm was cut apart to create the joint - there is a lip that locks the arm when it’s straightened - but it’s thick , unwieldy and the edges are kinda sharp.

Conversely that lip houses one of my favorite bit of sculpting this lovely and delicate little back of the elbow sculpt. This shot is another example of taking the good with the bad though because right above it is what looks like the mark from a dremel.

The sculpting on her hands is okay but like in other places the sanding is very rough and awkward, which pretty much sums up everything about this doll - the sculpting is okay to great and the finishing - well it’s not finished.

The knees are another good example of an issue with this body. They don’t seat properly - nothing quite seats. It’s not far off but nothing sits flush. Again the sculpting is nice, realistic and a little more detailed than the female bodies from other companies I’ve handled.

The knees have three locking positions - straight, bent and just a little further bent. They are single joint knees though not double.

The feet have a small range of up and down motion and like many other parts of the body could have used a bit more sanding.

There is a mobility joint in the thigh and it’s got some interesting functions. The block on the side is a lock that prevents the leg from going backwards (As a Dollmore owner I’m so excited about this!!!) There is also a lock inside the leg that prevents movement side to side. I’m not sure why they felt the need to do both but - there it is.

She has several spots along her joints that have bubbles and will need to be filled. I also think some sanding is in order.

Her sculpting is really delicate and elegant while feeling more realistic than most female dolls I’ve handled. Especially in the torso.
All in all Miro doll reminds me of Bobobie back when they were first coming out as far as quality - There is still work to be done in the finishing of the product but they have much much better sculpting already- I can’t wait to see where they go in the future.