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So sleepy but half done with a new waistwrap for De. I want to stay up and finish it but sleepy.

I can’t reblog myself …. What? My Pandora is playing Phantom of the Opera and not one of the cool songs. No it’s playing one of the Raoul songs. Bleh. Also I tied my thread in a knot twice. De can just be naked for a night. Hes kinky like that anyway. I’ll finish his new waistwrap tomorrow.

So I just bought some new clothes for me. and new shoes. and I found the cutest shoes for my yo-sd. THEY COST MORE THAN THE SHOES I BOUGHT MYSELF. *sobs*

and more Pip. Yes yes Spammy but it’s her month for pics.

Pippa and her tattoo. It’s still got a very little bit of work to be finished.

better late than never I forgot this earlier. Happy BJD Day and sorry for the repeat

better late than never I forgot this earlier. Happy BJD Day and sorry for the repeat

Pippa is a Leeke Edgar head on Loongsoul body

super secret tumblr only shot ;P

super secret tumblr only shot ;P

the grail and THE GRAIL

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My grail doll isn’t a doll it’s finding the right doll for a certain character. She’s been through so many sculpts and sculpt ideas but nothing is ever quite her. I’m about to take the plunge again, looking at the Maskcat Dolls Ruolan. I’m not sure about the body though… it’s too cute and not really as elegant as I’d like for her.

;.; I’ll probably change my mind and keep looking after a little bit.

In other news I’m still dreaming about a saint bloom Betty and a little sister for her a Resinsoul April.

July is Pippa’s month so I’ll be taking some new pictures of her. I have couple of photosets in mind.

So umm… I just found a picture of one of my dolls on someones eating disorder blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it - there seems like a major disconnected between the content of the blog and the picture…