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Ledgerdemaine is a Jollyplus Gise on a Ringdoll teen body.

Ledgherdemaine is a JollyPlus Gise on a Ringdoll Teen bodycolor editing only.

Hell Mode De

Hell Mode De

pre-edits… cuz I can

pre-edits… cuz I can

Fuck it I’m gonna go take doll pics.


So sleepy but half done with a new waistwrap for De. I want to stay up and finish it but sleepy.

I can’t reblog myself …. What? My Pandora is playing Phantom of the Opera and not one of the cool songs. No it’s playing one of the Raoul songs. Bleh. Also I tied my thread in a knot twice. De can just be naked for a night. Hes kinky like that anyway. I’ll finish his new waistwrap tomorrow.

So I just bought some new clothes for me. and new shoes. and I found the cutest shoes for my yo-sd. THEY COST MORE THAN THE SHOES I BOUGHT MYSELF. *sobs*

and more Pip. Yes yes Spammy but it’s her month for pics.

Pippa and her tattoo. It’s still got a very little bit of work to be finished.