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Some pics from my  box opening today.  He arrived, like, three minutes before I came home from work.  Seriously.  It was pretty awesome.

Also, apparently to Junky Spot, “face-up” also means “body blushing” ‘cause his parts and self were blushed!  And rubbing off already.  Hmm… :/

Anyways, I love the color, and his eyes/wigs.  Even if he now looks like every anime villain ever. 

Gonna go play with my dollieh now.

J gotted a  new Dollieh. I think Miss Purple likes him.



If I never had to use my hands again, I would happily wear these beautiful filigree nail rings without giving a single fuck if anyone decided to think less of me for being “effeminate.”

Those with less hands-on lifestyles can find them for sale in JekyllHydeJewellery’s etsy store in a variety of metal colours, priced at $18 to $38 for a set of five.


I think either De or Pip needs this done

(via awesomesock)

Let’s Talk about Lights - BJD Edition


This tutorial is specifically for BJD and other object photography. While some of these tips can be used on a larger scale some simply won’t work.

I’m using a DSLR camera but you don’t need a high end camera to recreate these results. I had my camera set to FStop 1/40 and ISO 200 for all of these except the portrait mode shot, and varied my white balance between flash and florescent light and I used the following tools.

An LED Desk lamp
Masking tape
Coffee filters
(Please ignore the plastic feather that bit didn’t work out like I wanted it to)


The first step is to know your camera. If you don’t have your manual look it up online and familiarize yourself with these manual settings. ISO, White Balance, FStop and Aperture.

ISO - Controls how much light the camera recognizes. (Higher the number the more chance of noise)
White Balance - Controls the color/temperature of the light. (In Kelvins)
FStop - The length of time the camera aperture stays open. (In fractions of a second, anything over about 1/30 runs the risk of blurring due to hand shaking.)
Aperture - The width of the aperture (the smaller the number the larger the aperture, the more light you get.)


Alright lets break out the lamp. Now my lamp is a daylight bulb (I adore these for photography as they have a light temp close to actual daylight.) Play with the White balance settings on your camera don’t be afraid and try to get it as close to what you see as possible. Next if you are able set your camera’s mode to manual. This gives you alot more control than using a preset portrait or miniature mode.


This was shot with the automatic portrait mode. You can see with the automatic flash that the picture is really washed out


I turned my camera back to manual for this one, it’s still washed out but less so.


As you can see the lamp is really really close. Light works a certain way in photography. The smaller or closer a light the harsher the shadows. The further or larger a light the softer it appears.


So I moved the lamp back-


And turned on the flash.

Another really important tool in the indoor photographer’s arsenal is light diffusion. And it’s so easy! We’re back to just the lamp here, but -


All I did was fix my white balance and add a piece of the masking tape over the the bulb of the lamp (for a larger bulb you can use a sheet of paper taped over the lampshade, anything to break down that light!)

Diffusion is awesome because it breaks down the harshness of a small close light, and creates a much gentler light that’s perfect  for doll photography.


 Another great and simple solution is to cover your flash with with a couple of layers of a thin paper like a napkin, old dryer sheet or coffee filter.Tuck or tape it loosely down. I fold mine into fourths and tape it over my flash with clear tape.

imageAnd that’s that. I hope this little tutorial helps out and feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions you have!

Stars in her Eyes

Totally inspired by how they created a star field in Galadriel’s eyes for the LOTR movies.

Urielle is a Angell Studios Kana head on a Dollmore Model Body

Completely unedited shot (ie it’s huge if you download it!) but I love it… >.< Uri was as always wonderful
Uri is an Angell Studio Kana on a Dollmore Model body

Completely unedited shot (ie it’s huge if you download it!) but I love it… >.< Uri was as always wonderful

Uri is an Angell Studio Kana on a Dollmore Model body

Our collection, not including floating heads.

Our collection, not including floating heads.

BJD Survey

Totes ganked this from AngelicLizard

1. How long have you been in the BJD hobby?
ummm.. started stalking in 1998… started collecting in 2007

2. How many dolls do you have at home?
Eight and five floating heads

3. What are their names and sculpts?

    Urielle - Angell Studio Kana on a Dollmore model body
    Kyo - Dollzone Yuu
    Isobel - Dollzone Ani
    Ledgerdemaine (De) - JollyPlus head on a Ringdoll body
    Melancholy - Customhouse Ange Uri
    Night - Dollmore Sleeping Lisa Rubik
    Pippa - Leek Edgar Head on a LoongSoul body
    Unknown - Resinsoul Ju
    Setsuna - Dollmore Ha Yarn Cho head
    Magpie - Migidoll Cynical Ryu head
    Shea - Iplehouse Freezia head
    Naomi - Ringdoll Spencer Head
    Nameless - Luts Vampire Soony/Miyu head

4. Which doll have you had the longest? How long has it been?
Honestly at this point it’s the Modded Luts head…. I’ve had it since 2007! Whoa… 

5. Which doll is your favourite?
That’s such a hard call I’ve been playing with Pippa alot but but I think I like taking pictures of Uri the most. I love sewing for all my dolls they all have such different styles.

6. Are you waiting on any dolls now? If yes, which one(s)?
No money is pretty tight.

7. What is your grail doll?
Right now it’s either a Ordoll Eris- B head or a Saint Bloom girl. The Eris is Ereshkigal my evil queen who has been through about five different molds over the years (she was originally the Luts head) and I love the idea of a doll house sized mature looking doll.

8. Did you learn to do something new because of this hobby? (e.g. photography, painting, sewing)
Nothing really new but all of my skills have improved over the years. I’ve gotten okay at faceups. I love sewing and photography even more now. As to improvement I think there’s been some.

9. Have you made any friends you might otherwise not have because of this hobby?
For sure. But I do wish we had more time for meet ups!

10. What are your doll plans for this coming year?

    Reface Kyo (and maybe Isobel)
    Sew more clothes
    Take alot more pics. I mean alot!
    Do something with my Rs Ju… (she’s so cute but I’m sort of at a loss)

Alrighty right… I put my Chloe head up on DoA and Castaways, guys! Keep your fingers crossed that she sells quick!